Regimental Reconnaissance Company | Celebrating Two Years of Operations

Formed in October of 2014, The 75th Ranger Regiment - Regimental Reconnaissance Company is a MilSim unit that specializes in conducting short-duration and long duration reconnaissance of objectives for a larger fighting force. This reconnaissance is routinely conducted in support of future strike or special light infantry operations. The recon teams can also be used to conduct deep target acquisition and designation, or to confirm or disprove information reported by other sources. Rarely will teams be used to attack enemy targets, but they are highly prepared to if required. The unit has three primary tasks: Active Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Direct Action.

Who We Are :

The 75th/RRC is a tight knit milsim community comprised of elite six man recon teams and an attachment of seasoned 160th SOAR rotary pilots, the 75th/RRC can accomplish a multitude of mission profiles.

What We Do :

The 75th/RRC can be deployed to complete a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:
  • Infiltrate the objective area by parachute (HALO, HAHO, or static lines), helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, SCUBA, small boat, foot, or other means.
  • Remain undetected in the vicinity of the objective area.
  • Perform reconnaissance operations employing a full range of night observation devices, infrared detection devices, unattended early warning sensors, and photographic equipment.
  • Collect combat information to satisfy priority information requirements and mission-essential elements of information.
  • Place unattended ground sensors, navigational beacons, and electronic target designation devices.
  • Perform demolition target analysis.
  • Perform drop zone (DZ) selection, marking and reception duties.
  • Collect combat information to satisfy priority information requirements and mission-essential elements of information.
  • Perform highly selective, limited attacks or ambushes when so tasked.
  • Link up with the main force in the objective area, or escape and evade the enemy in order to return to friendly lines.

How To Join :

As a small reconnaissance unit, the 75th/RRC has a limited number of slots, and thus the standards we have for our membership and selection process are high. The unit has functioned primarily on an “invite only" policy, but we are still interested in hearing from and meeting potential applicants. For more information about joining and the selection process, submit an application through the "Join Us" tab or visit our TeamSpeak by clicking join.